• FORMODAL® – spezielle Werkstoffe für den Werkzeug-, Formen- und Modellbau

    FORMODAL® 031

    Specially for tool making, mould making and model making

    Cast plates - higher strength

    • Special type
      AA-Al Mg Mn - cast plates
      AA 5000 series of alloys
      higher content of magnesium and manganese
    • Blow mould from FORMODAL® 023
    • FORMODAL® 023 - aluminium blocks

    From these materials, we manufacture:

    • cuttings in nearly all requested lengths,
      widths and thicknesses
    • circular blanks
    • rings
    • shaped blanks as per drawing
    • parts as per drawing

    Other alloys, dimensions and temper on request.


    FORMODAL® 031 is a new cast plate product from the AA 5000 series of alloys. It has a higher content of magnesium and manganese, thereby giving a higher strength whilst allowing similar processing properties to the cast plate FORMODAL® 023.

    • very good machinability
    • good welding properties
    • low stress and dimensionally stable


    • tool making, mould making and model making
    • blow moulds and injection moulds
    • laminating tools
    • moulds for elastomer materials
    • moulds with welded construction
    • moulds and heat-stressed parts
    • refrigeration technology

    FORMODAL is a trademark of BIKAR-METALLE GmbH.

    Data sheets are available for download on www.bikar.com.


    FORMODAL® – special materials for tool making, mould making and model making - can be supplied from a tiny cube to XXL format.

    FORMODAL® materials are characterised by their outstanding machining properties, low internal stresses, dimensional stability and wide range of sizes available.


    • Aluminium plates

    FORMODAL® 031 cast plates - higher strength (AA-Al Mg Mn (special type))


    FORMODAL® 031
    AA-Al Mg Mn (special type)

    AA 5000 series of alloys
    thickness s length x width (a x b)  
    5 - 600 mm 3.800 x 1.750 mm /
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