Compatibility of career and family


At BIKAR, we are proud to create a working environment that actively supports the advancement of women in leadership positions and the reconciliation of work and family life. We encourage and support women at BIKAR to realize their professional ambitions.


We are strongly committed to a healthy work-life balance through various measures such as flexible working hours, home office options and advice and support on care and support issues. Individual solutions, encouragement and support are a matter of course for us: this sets us apart from many employers in the region.

In this video, female employees talk about their personal experiences and how they are able to pursue their professional goals at BIKAR while balancing their family life: Women@BIKAR

We have been awarded the "Family-friendly company" certificate in recognition of our commitment and success in promoting women in management positions and supporting the work-life balance. Working at BIKAR and family go hand in hand.

We are proud of our employees, who make an important contribution to our corporate culture and our success.

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