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WORK with tradition

Our production: aluminum panels and custom cuts

Production is the heart of our company. Since the beginning, an optimally positioned production with motivated employees has been the secret of success of our family business.


Production is the heart of our company.

Consequently, all our factories are planned down to the last detail to enable efficient and effective working through optimum flow of goods, short distances and intelligent automation solutions.

We understand that modern, well-maintained machinery is essential to deliver top performance to our customers at all times. These are operated by our trained team of employees.

The direct connection of our band and circular saws to computer-controlled high-bay warehouses is a crucial point. The raw material is delivered directly to the saws where it is cut to customer specifications.

Our aim is to ensure that the heart of our production is constantly evolving through continuous process optimisation. The perfect combination of the latest robot technology and human know-how ensures modern jobs with interesting tasks.