Recycling of aluminium at Bikar Metalle


Sustainable action affects everyone

In order to make our contribution to sustainability, we see it as our duty, to continue to expand the BIKAR RECYCLING division.

You can find more information about our commitment to sustainability here.

Chips & Scrap

Huge quantities of chips and offcuts are produced in your production every day. We want to use these valuable resources in the sense of sustainable management, creating a win-win situation for you, the environment and the goods cycle.


We return your aluminium, copper, and brass scrap to the manufacturing plants in a closed-loop recycling system. This sustainable approach offers all parties involved a direct benefit compared to their previous actions.

The chips and core scrap generated in your production are taken back by BIKAR and forwarded to our plant partners. There, the recycled material is remelted and thus returned to the material cycle. This gives you the opportunity to purchase new semi-finished products from BIKAR at a favourable reprocessing price and thus hedge against price fluctuations.


Sales and purchase

In addition to reworking, we offer purchasing for the following recyclables:

  • Alloy-pure aluminium core scrap
  • Alloy pure aluminum briquettes of all alloys
  • Aluminium mix briquettes
  • Chips - unmixed and large quantities on request
  • Alloy-pure non-ferrous metal core scrap or chips on request

Of course, we collect the recyclables directly from you, weigh them on calibrated scales and pay you a fair market price.


Comprehensive disposal solutions, modern technology and our own fleet of vehicles make BIKAR your partner in all matters concerning the disposal and recycling of your metal waste.


Container service

We are happy to provide you with cost-effective containers. Our offer includes provision and collection of the containers, as well as the subsequent professional disposal of your scrap metal waste.


The goal of conserving natural resources is particularly well suited to the recycling-friendly material aluminium. Aluminium scrap can be recycled and processed as often as required without any loss of quality. This conserves valuable raw materials and reduces the amount of energy required for production. As a result, fewer pollutants are released, the environment is relieved of residues and carbon dioxide emissions are avoided.