INNOVATION with tradition

The metal trade of the future

Innovation comes from courage. The courage to do things differently, to rethink processes and to take risks.

Courage to innovate

Our founders, Luise and Radomir Bikar, had this courage back in 1962, when Radomir left his secure job to set up his own business with his wife. From a garage, they supplied their customers with the semi-finished metal products they needed. Anything that was not in stock was procured and personally delivered to the customer. In this way they enjoyed 20 years of success, built up a solid customer base and were able to hire their first employees. After taking over their parents' business, Aleksandar and Konstantin Bikar were faced with the question of how to develop the company. The requirements of the customers were similar then and now: to produce and deliver high quality material at reasonable prices, in the shortest possible time and in the right sizes.

INVESTMENTS with tradition

Recognising that the best way to achieve all this was with large storage volumes, the new Plant 2 became the blueprint for all future plants: a central high-bay warehouse allows large quantities to be stored, providing the opportunity to buy in bulk from the plants at favourable conditions.

AUTOMATION with tradition

Their thinking also led them to connect the cutting saws directly to the high-bay warehouse in order to save on transport distances. Since then, BIKAR's workpieces have been transported from the high-bay warehouse directly to the sawing table in a fully automated process - a concept that is reflected in each of the cutting machines. BIKAR also broke new ground in plate production, setting up the first series production of precision milled aluminium cast plates.

Since 2011, the third generation, Claudia and Pascal Bikar, have continued these traditions, adding a new point of reference for the 21st century.

DIGITALISATION with tradition

The creation of a powerful IT department with specialists in IT infrastructure, application development, data analysis and security allows us to optimise all our processes. For BIKAR, Industry 4.0 is not an empty buzzword for the future, but the present of the company. The networking of all departments through specially developed software enables us to offer customised solutions and services: If you have specific requirements, please contact us.

Automation, digitalisation and innovative thinking have led to the development of the BIKAR ZONE. The ZONE is the world's first fully automated cutting centre for non-ferrous metals. From the storage of the sheets to the packaging of the cut blanks, robots take care of all the steps. Special optimisation software ensures that different orders are linked together in the best possible way to make efficient and resource-saving use of the material. Our highly qualified team of employees monitors production and ensures optimum quality.

TEAMWORK with tradition

None of this innovation would be possible without our team, the BIKAR family. Although automation and digitalisation are important for our daily work, nothing would be possible without our employees. They are the ones who make BIKAR the innovative company we are today.