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Our materials for semi-finished products made of non-ferrous metals

  • Aluminium


    Thanks to its useful properties, aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world. The light metal scores points for its low density, good electrical conductivity, durability and excellent formability. At BIKAR, you can obtain aluminum blanks and semi-finished aluminum products in all common alloys. Whether aluminum plates, aluminum sheets, round blanks, profiles, rings or drawing parts: We offer a wide range of possibilities. Here you will find our semi-finished aluminum products for your custom-made aluminum blanks.


  • Copper


    Its excellent conductivity in terms of electricity and heat as well as its stability make copper a popular material for a wide range of industries. We are your competent partner for all questions relating to copper as a material for your requirements. We can supply you with semi-finished copper products such as round rods, square rods, hexagonal rods, flat rods, tubes, rings, sheets and plates. Find your shapes and materials for our semi-finished copper products here.


  • Brass


    Brass is a collective term for a group of alloys in which mainly copper and zinc are melted together. Our extensive stock of various brass alloys ensures flexibility. Whether round rods from 1 mm diameter, brass tubes or heavy brass plates up to 200 mm thick: BIKAR delivers the required dimensions quickly and precisely. Discover all semi-finished brass products from BIKAR.

  • Bronze


    Similar to brass, bronze is a composition of copper and tin. Bronze is used in machine and tool construction, in electrical engineering, in the chemical industry and in the food industry. At BIKAR, bronze and gunmetal are available in numerous forms. We supply you with bronze blanks accurate to the millimeter, from bushes and rods to circular blanks and drawing parts.


  • Other materials

    Other materials

    With our selection of plastics, we are expanding our portfolio of non-ferrous metals to include high-quality semi-finished products made of polyacetal, polyamide and other POM plastics. We stock rods, tubes, sheets and blanks for you. In addition to our stocks, we are able to respond quickly to your individual request. Discover our range of other materials


Aluminum plates

FORMODAL ® panels and blanks

Our FORMODAL ® aluminum plates are offered in a wide range of sizes and alloys and are the ideal choice for tool, mold and model making.

Under the FORMODAL ® brand, we combine various alloys that are characterized by excellent machining properties, low residual stress, dimensional stability and a wide range of available sizes. Our materials are divided into two main categories: Cast plates and rolled plates.

Cast plates

FORMODAL ® 023: These cast plates made of EN AW-5083 are characterized by low residual stress, excellent corrosion resistance and their dimensional stability. This makes FORMODAL ® 023 suitable for many applications in tool, mold and model making and ideal for machining. Milled flat and laminated on both sides, we offer these sheets as FORMODAL ® 030 precision sheets.

FORMODAL ® 023 compact is a high-pressure compacted further development. It is extremely non-porous with a very homogeneous structure and therefore diffusion-tight. It is therefore particularly suitable for vacuum applications, high-speed rotating components and polishing.

FORMODAL ® 024 elox: FORMODAL ® 024 elox is a special 5083 alloy from BIKAR with a fine-grained structure thanks to an optimized casting process. The plates are characterized by excellent machinability, very good polishability and optimized anodizing properties. FORMODAL ® 024 elox has a wide range of applications in industries such as laser technology, printing technology and medical technology.

FORMODAL ® 025X: With a reduced hydrogen content, these investment casting plates based on an EN AW-5083 alloy are ideal for use in vacuum technology and in the semiconductor and solar industries. They are subject to special manufacturing and testing procedures with regard to the hydrogen content of the grain size, pore size and porosity.

FORMODAL ® 036: This high-strength cast aluminium plate based on EN AW-7021 is available flat milled and foiled as a precision plate or rough sawn and is characterized by excellent dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. The low residual stress allows it to be used for injection molds, in mechanical engineering and fixture construction as well as base plates, table tops and mounting plates. We also offer this alloy as a compressed special casting FORMODAL ® 036 compact

FORMODAL ® 07: These sheets made of EN AW-1050A impress with their excellent anodizing properties, corrosion resistance, low stress, dimensional stability and good welding and electrical conductivity. They are particularly interesting for applications in electrical engineering, semiconductor technology and the food industry.

FORMODAL ® 019 anodized: This special alloy, based on material AA5754, is particularly suitable for optical anodizing. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, low stress, dimensional stability and welding properties. The plates are of particular interest in packaging technology, the electrical industry and the optical industry as a rough-sawn or flat-milled variant.

Rolling plates face-milled on both sides

As FORMODAL ® BM, we offer you face-milled precision rolled plates in 3 different alloys. 

FORMODAL ® BM-5083: Our precision rolled plates are characterized by low residual stress and good strength properties and can be used for a wide range of applications. This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and offers good core strength even with large dimensions. 

FORMODAL ® BM-6082: FORMODAL ® BM-6082 face-milled rolled sheets are ideal for shipbuilding, rail vehicles, boiler and tank construction, aerospace and defense technology.

FORMODAL ® BM-7075: Thanks to their good machinability and very high fatigue strength, FORMODAL ® BM-7075 aluminum rolled sheets are perfect for applications in the aerospace and defence industries.