with tradition

EVERYTHING with tradition

These three words sum up our philosophy: we make everything possible for our customers and our employees, and we give everything to achieve this. This has been our tradition since the company was founded by Luise & Radomir Bikar in 1962 and this is how we pass it on to the following generations.

For us at BIKAR, our goal from the very beginning is to fulfill all your wishes. For you we always want to make everything possible. We supply you with everything the market has to offer, and we do this by tradition.

BIKAR METALLE is and remains a family business with a long history. On the four pillars of our company - service, delivery time, quality and price - we have built up many stable customer relationships and are always able to convince new customers of our strengths.

Our company is built on trust, honesty and fairness, togetherness and reliability. We live this among ourselves, we live it in the relationship with our customers and also with our suppliers.

But not only here we live at BIKAR according to the philosophy EVERYTHING. with tradition. We also attach great importance to the further development of our company. We invest in our sites, focusing on digitalization and automation, and we know that the best technology cannot achieve the desired performance without a strong team.


From the foundation to the 3rd generation

Already with the foundation of the company in a garage Radomir and Luise Bikar have laid the foundation for our philosophy. They put everything into their venture and were rewarded with success. The small family business established itself, the customers knew: What is not in stock, will be procured without further ado.
With the 2nd generation in the family business, innovative ideas took hold. They also invested in the company whenever possible. In order to meet customer requirements and to constantly improve competitiveness, automation entered the company at an early stage. In 2000, BIKAR became the first dealer with a barcode-controlled high rack with direct connection to the sawing lines.
Since 2011, the fate of the entire company has passed to the 3rd generation Claudia and Pascal Bikar. They, too, rely on modern advancements to create attractive working conditions for employees and to deliver consistently high quality to customers in the shortest possible time.
The past years have been characterized by extraordinary growth. Digitalization and automation are still being developed in a targeted manner today. Only by striving for ever better structures, optimal use of our resources and openness to new ideas is it possible to reliably deliver top performance at all times. EVERYTHING. with tradition. describes our past, present and future efforts and actions to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees in all situations.