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Press releases 2023

Re-certification as a family-friendly company
BIKAR METALLE re-certified as family-friendly, November 2023

Family fair in raumland
60 years BIKAR FAMILY, 27.09.2023

10 new trainees at BIKAR (KB)
The future in view, 22.08.2023

23 new trainees at BIKAR (BLB)
The future in view, 01.08.2023

BIKAR Aequs Announcement
Aequs Announcement, 2023

BIKAR successfully participates in Paris Air Show
Paris AirShow, June 2023

BIKAR bids farewell to Kurt Kleinmichel
Retirement after 50 years, 06.04.2023

Future IT experts visit BIKAR
Visit technical school, 2023

Bikar Metals: Maximilian Taube's meteoric rise
Westfalen Post Online, 26.03.2023

Press releases 2022

BIKAR Group sets course for the future
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 05.11.2022

BIKAR Health Day for young and old
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 23.09.2022

BIKAR family continues to grow - in every respect
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 04.08.2022

Modern vocational training at BIKAR
Wittgensteiner Wochenpost (WIPO), 25.06.2022

BIKAR Metalle becomes
Wittgensteiner Wochenpost (WIPO), 04.06.2022

BIKAR-Metalle certified for family friendliness
Westfalenpost (WP), 28.04.2022

Press releases 2021

50 more jobs created at the BIKAR site
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 23.08.2021

BIKAR-METALLE welcomes 19 apprentices
Westfalenpost (WP), 09.08.2021

BIKAR company awarded for training
Westfalenpost (WP), 15.03.2021

Training 2021: Take responsibility and get support
Wittgensteiner Wochenpost (WIPO), 30.01.2021

Press releases 2020

Shaping your own career right from the start
Wittgensteiner Wochenpost (WIPO), 11.11.2020

Fully integrated from the start
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 05.08.2020

An investment in the location
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 06.01.2020​​​​​​​

Press releases 2019

BIKAR again provides best apprentices in the chamber district
Interne Pressemeldung, 19.12.2019

Sound training in the heart of Wittgenstein
Wittgensteiner Wochenpost (WIPO), 26.01.2019

Press reports 2018

BIKAR-METALLE: Training record
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 07.08.2018

Press releases 2017

Bikar provides the best of the year
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 28.10.2017

Bikar welcomed eight new apprentices in Raumland
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 02.08.2017

240 bored piles for new high-bay warehouse
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 20.01.2017

Press releases 2016

Bikar further expands location
Siegener Zeitung (SZ), 25.10.2016

8 new trainees at BIKAR
Interne Pressemeldung, 02.08.2016

First an apprenticeship and then study
Westfalenpost (WP), 26.05.2016

Exciting year at Bikar
Westfalenpost (WP), 28.01.2016

Press releases 2015

New production facilities in Korbußen
Interne Pressemeldung, 24.09.2015

Bikar invests 25 million euros
Siegener Zeitung, 05.08.2015

BIKAR-ALUMINIUM GmbH - A young company with a growth spurt in Korbußen
Ostthüringer Zeitung, 26.05.2015

Press releases 2014

Gabriel visits BIKAR Metalle
Siegener Zeitung, 14.07.2014

Press releases 2013

SZ interview with Bikar training manager Heinz-Georg Stark
Siegener Zeitung, 14.10.2013

Bikar-Metalle GmbH - 50 years of experience with metals and plastics
VWDF im Dialog, 01.2013

Press releases 2012

Bikar company hands over 12,000 euros to the "Balthasar" children's hospice
Siegener Zeitung, 13.12.2012